Turtlebrace's original prototype was first deployed in 2015. The product’s high quality and efficacy were quickly recognized and Turtlebrace became a rapid success. The fast-growing demands and viral interest from industry experts encouraged the prototype leading to the success of Turtlebrace in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Turtlebrace is dedicated to creating, optimizing and producing high-quality products that meet the needs of health professionals while striving to improve the patient’s quality of life.

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The multi-perforated plastic core lets water and air pass through easily. This eliminates the drainage protocol after the brace has been submerged and feels cooler, increasing overall patient comfort.

Turtlebrace - Efficient Dressing

Efficient Dressing

Turtlebrace is thin enough so that the patient can easily dress themselves with little to no hassle. The patient can wear their regular shoes, gloves or other clothing overtop of the brace.

Turtlebrace - Radiolucent


Turtlebrace is translucent to x-rays. The patient and healthcare provider will save valuable time by not removing and redoing a cast for x-ray procedures.

Turtlebrace - Time Saving

Time Saving

Turtlebrace takes less time to make than a cast, and a fraction of the time to remove. This is a result of the decrease in preparation time beforehand, and cleaning afterward. Giving you more time for what matters, the patient.

Turtlebrace - Anti-Bacterial


Turtlebrace fabric is treated with an antibacterial agent. This reduces the inconvenient odour related to long term wear and reduces the risk of skin maceration.

Turtlebrace - Remoldable


Turtlebrace can be fully remolded over 200 times, returning to its original shape every time. This permits the healthcare professional to adjust or redo the immobilization according to the physical change of the patient.

Turtlebrace - No Tools Required

No Tools Required

Turtlebrace does not need specialized and expensive tools to be heated, molded, or removed, making it a simpler and more economical option.

Turtlebrace - By Professionals

By Professionals

Turtlebrace has been designed by a clinician, with the goal of helping other clinicians become more efficient in their treatment, while also committing to honoring patient comfort and needs.


Turtlebrace Baby

Turtlebrace BABY

  • Turtlebrace is the first company to design a full line of orthopedic products that are made specifically for babies.
  • Lighter and easier to wear than casts
  • Auto-molding properties permits the healthcare provider to concentrate on positioning, while the fast-setting time reduces the length of time holding the baby in position
  • Easy to wash and easy to wear, making it very convenient for parents
Turtlebrace Ankle

Turtlebrace ANKLE

  • Will fit any ankle shape.
  • Significant flexibility helps to stabilize the ankle easily and with more precision.
  • Can be reshaped many times without losing its quality, allowing easy adjustments after loss of swelling or morphologic changes.
Turtlebrace wrist

Turtlebrace WRIST

  • Turtlebrace Wrist is a fast, simple, intuitive solution to immobilizing the wrist.
  • Designed as an “apply and forget” type brace, which lets healthcare professionals concentrate on the patient instead of molding.
  • Can be reshaped many times allowing multiple adjustments due to loss of swelling and morphologic changes.
Turtlebrace finger add ons

Turtlebrace FINGER ADD-ONS

  • Finger add-ons are a new, simpler way to build a specific immobilization.
  • The add-ons are designed to fuse directly to the wrist brace, no need for glue or special preparation.
  • The finger design permits all types of supports ranging from thumb spica to full hand, even boxer fracture support.


Stable fractures, sprains, post-op immobilization, carpal tunnel, club foot, Achilles tendon tear, tendinitis, serial casting, spasticity control, ankle neuropathy, wrist and hand neuropathy, night splint.

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