About RxBIO

RxBIO, based out of Canada, is a biotech distribution company dedicated to connecting global medical and clinical innovation with a comprehensive distribution channel. We have the expertise required in the healthcare sector to reach specific markets and to connect users around the globe with innovative solutions.

We specialize in bringing advanced medical devices and healthcare opportunities to the Canadian market by educating healthcare professionals, creating physician and patient access, and fostering new partnerships. Our current focus is regenerative medicine and leading technologies that promote the body’s natural healing process.

We are experts in the healthcare sector and focus on connecting physicians and their patients with technology and solutions that deliver long term positive impact. This will allow physicians to provide alternative treatment options to patients in the regenerative healthcare space.

Our Purpose

Bridging Intellectual Opportunities (BIO)

To lead the global regenerative medicine revolution by creating space for opportunity, collaborating on advancement, and providing trusted access to innovative technologies. We live where technology meets healthcare at the forefront of new therapies and medicines.

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