About RxBIO

RxBIO, fully licensed in Canada and Ireland, is a medical device licensing and distribution company with expertise in providing trusted access to innovative medical technologies to the healthcare industry across North America, the UK, and Europe. RxBIO connects healthcare professionals all over the world with cutting-edge devices through its global infrastructure and extensive distribution channels.

We are part of a larger portfolio of integrated healthcare companies involved in Pharmacy, Clinical Trials, Regulatory, Healthcare Distribution and Virtual Care Services.

We are experts in the healthcare sector and focus on connecting physicians and their patients with technology and solutions that deliver long term positive impact.

Our Purpose

Bridging Intellectual Opportunities (BIO)

To champion clinically superior products by creating space for opportunity, collaborating on advancement, and providing trusted access to innovative technologies. We live where technology meets healthcare at the forefront of new therapies and medicines.

What you can expect from us

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