RxBIO Quality Policy

RxBIO Corp. is fully committed to providing innovative medical technologies in the healthcare industry across North America, the UK and Europe. RxBIO connects healthcare professionals all over the world with cutting-edge devices through its global infrastructure and extensive distribution channels.

With collective experience in healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, the RxBIO Team can be trusted to ensure the products that are distributed are of the highest quality. RxBIO holds an active Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) with Health Canada and maintains compliant facilities in Richmond Hill, Canada and Dublin, Ireland. RxBIO is committed to satisfying applicable regulatory requirements across North America, the UK and Europe.

RxBIO is continuously monitoring changes in regulatory requirements, and we amend our core processes and quality management system to reflect these updates. We are experts in the healthcare sector and focus on connecting physicians and their patients with technology and solutions that deliver long term positive impact. We are most passionate about enhancing overall customer satisfaction and patient quality of life.

RxBIO’s purpose is to champion clinically superior products by creating space for opportunity, collaborating on advancement, and providing trusted access to innovative technologies. We live where technology meets healthcare at the forefront of new therapies and devices. We will always provide value to our customers with access to technology, competitive pricing and extensive knowledge of our product offerings. That’s the RxBIO guarantee.