A Hand Sanitizing Solution as Beautiful as it is Efficient

XtraSafe is an impressive and efficient solution to the need for rigorous hand sanitizing protocols. Virtually maintenance-free, it requires no electrical outlet or batteries . It’s sleek, ergonomic design, with foot-pedal activation and gravity-fed reservoir, provides a streamlined alternative to the usual sanitizer bottles on a table. It’s simple and hands-free.


Throughout the world and right here at home, we’re faced with unprecedented challenges. Our individual and collective health is at stake like never before and none of us are immune. It’s time for big ideas, creative thinking and true innovation.Incited by the need for meaningful solutions, SafeGuard Health Solutions introduces our first product, the XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing System – it’s as beautiful as it is efficient.


Why not replace the unsightly clutter and mess of sanitizing bottles on a counter or table with a beautiful, efficient and maintenance-free XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing System. XtraSafe streamlines safety.

XtraSafe ready to sanitize 3500 pairs of hands
before it needs refilling!


North American Made

SafeGuard supports North American manufacturing, providing a consistent, reliable supply chain so you have your products when you need them. XtraSafe is always in stock.

Foot Pedal Activation

The intelligent design offers simple, foot-pedal activation from a gravity fed reservoir through a drip-resistant nozzle, making it simple and hands- free, reducing exposure to viruses.

Comes Fully Assembled

XtraSafe arrives complete and ready to use right out of its heavy-duty box! Nothing to assemble. Just fill it with sanitizer and it’s ready to make your facility safer.

Use Any Type of Sanitizer

XtraSafe performs equally well with gel or liquid sanitizers, regardless of the viscosity. One-way valves ensure constant pressure to keep any type of sanitizer flowing.

Sleek, Ergonomic Design

The streamlined design makes an impression! At 39 inches, the faucet is at a convenient height for users of any size. The sleek, metal foot pedal is ergonomically positioned.

Ultra High Quality

XtraSafe is designed for simplicity and reliability, and built for durability, smooth function and long life. With no sensors or complex parts to break down, no servicing is required.

Compact Size

The compact design means it uses minimal amount of valuable floor space – only about one square foot, far less than the usual table with sanitizing bottles.

No-Risk Warranty

XtraSafe comes with a no-risk one year warranty. Just one more way that SafeGuard provides you with security and peace of mind.
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Drip Resistant Nozzle

The XtraSafe nozzle features a negative pressure valve and a filter that prevents the dripping that is common on most dispensers on the market.

High Capacity- 5.5 Liters!

The high-capacity reservoir allows for approximately 3500 applications*, reducing refilling time. Using large size containers is proven to reduce plastic use by up to 60%. * Based on 1.5 ml per


XtraSafe's large capacity makes it convenient to use a full 5 litre container of sanitizer. The use of larger containers has been proven to reduce packaging waste. In fact, using a 5 litre or gallon container of sanitizer versus five 1 litre containers reduces plastic waste by almost 60%.

Customize it!

Customize XtraSafe with your brand logo and message, or coordinate with the decor of your facility. The nylon sleeve can be printed in full color. It’s even washable!

Safety has never looked this sleek and elegant or operated so efficiently




Base diameter: 12 inches / 30.5 cm

Tube diameter: 4 inches / 10.16 cm

Height: 38.4 inches / 97.53 cm


5.5 liters / 1.45 gallons


15.4 lbs / 7 kilograms


Anodized aluminum body and foot pedal, stainless steel nozzle and hardware


Powder coated in white


XtraSafe in Action


Ideal for brand messaging and promotion


Here's how

Your preferred vendors promote their brand by sponsoring a customizable sleeve each month, allowing you to offset the cost of your dispenser and sanitizer and turn an impressive profit renting for short or long term this space to your clients.

The custom sleeve can be printed in full colour with whatever message or graphics you choose. You can provide print-ready artwork, or just send us your logo and we will design the sleeve for you. The nylon sleeve is fully washable and slides on and off easily.

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If you are interested in this product, please contact Paola Jiménez, Product Manager & Global Sales Executive at paola@rxbio.co or call (647) 242-5869.

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