NeoGen™ nitrogen plasma technology delivers controlled heating to the skin architecture stimulating a significant physiological response, without creating an open wound. Unlike ablative technologies there is no epidermal vaporization or charring caused at time of the treatment.


When the plasma pulse impacts the skin, the thermal energy locked up in the plasma is released, causing a localized instantaneous heating of the skin and immediate tissue contraction.


The stratum corneum and epidermal layers remain intact during treatment and act as a natural biological dressing after. This provides optimal healing conditions significantly reducing the risk of infection and adverse complications.

A new epidermis is formed at the Line of Cleavage and once this new epidermis and upper dermis has formed the redundant layers are shed between 1 to 5 days later, depending on energy levels used.


Unlike other technologies, the whole skin’s architecture is treated, leaving no islands of untreated skin. Regeneration of the reticular architecture of the upper dermis can be achieved. A cascade of neo-collagenization has been stimulated through thermal disruption, neovascularization, and fibroblasts migrating to restore the skin to a healthier function and appearance. Clinical studies show a continuing neocollagenesis up to a year following treatment.

Before and After Photos

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Image Courtesy of Nina Deep M.D. 
1 Treatment

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2 Treatments
High Energy

Image courtesy of Dr. Donald Braun
1 treatment
Low Energy
Double Pass 0.7J 

Image Courtesy of Nina Deep M.D.
Single Treatment
Double Pass

The Proven Power of Plasma for Skin Regneration

  • Unique Technology; NeoGen™ Plasma is the world’s first, proven and superior nitrogen plasma energy system with over 10+ years of continual improvement in system engineering and manufacturing
  • No Open Wounds; The treated photodamaged layers undergo a controlled thermal modification while remaining intact, creating a natural dressing to provide protection and speed healing.
  • Eyelids and Periorbital Treatment; Because of the unique restructuring of elastin and 3-D volumetric collagen, it is quick and easy to use without the need for ocular guards, safety glasses or a laser room.
  • Long Lasting results; Clinical studies show neocollagenesis and reduction in elastosis continuing for more than one year post treatment.
  • Exceptional ROI; Due to its broad range of energy, indications, skin types and treatment areas

What does NeoGen™ PSR treat?

​​NeoGen™ PSR is effective in treating a wide range of skin concerns for many skin types and light to medium skin tones.

​​In particular, the treatment is useful in treating fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, which makes it unique as comparable treatments are typically not recommended for use around the eyes.


FDA Cleared:

  • Acne Scarring
  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Viral Papillomata
  • Non-facial Wrinkles
  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis
  • Superficial/Pigmented Lesions
  • Wrinkles- Mild, Moderate & Severe

Health Canada Approved:

  • Acne Scars
  • Skin Rejuvenation 
  • Wrinkle Reduction

How does NeoGen™ Plasma Skin Regeneration work?

​​NeoGen™ ionizes medical grade nitrogen gas from a pressurized cylinder, creating nitrogen plasma in the nozzle. The Plasma emerges from the hand piece in controlled pulses and rapid heating of tissue occurs as it gives up its unique thermal energy to tissue (circa 120°C for 15 milliseconds at 4.0J)

​​The pressurized pulse of nitrogen plasma purges oxygen from the treatment area, preventing charring of the skin. The level of energy delivered to the skin determines the depth of penetration, and associated levels of tightening, resurfacing and regeneration effects.

The unique energy delivered by NeoGen is non-fractionated and not dependent on a chromophore for its uptake. This provides uniform energy absorption, ensuring consistent treatment of the skin at high energies, supporting significant tightening and transformation.

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