Corporate social responsibility

December 2020 Social Impact Initiative

As we reflect back on 2020, one of our biggest achievements was our social impact initiative.

Within 1 month we contacted over 30 organizations, and delivered over 800,000 masks and 1000 stay warm safety kits across the province.

In order to maximize the effect of our social impact initiative, we partnered with our clients and contributing partners, RxSource, Copper88 DrugSmart Pharmacy Group, GICMB, Accuristix, DNB Media Group, 6ixBuzzTV, CloudLoop and Omnify - Home of LumiSheet™ to help achieve this amazing goal.

2020 has been an unpredictable year with many unexpected challenges. There’s no doubt that charitable organizations and social service providers have had a tough time this year with the lockdown eliminating in-person fundraisers and campaigns.

We are truly grateful for our front-line workers and heroes, as they continue to lift up our community and support those in need.

Throughout 2021, we will continue to support our local communities as we feel it is our social corporate responsibility to help others in need.

We encourage you to do the same, whether through donating, spreading the word, or volunteering your time to create change in your own community.