ART Two Step PRP (Coming Soon)

The ART Two Step PRP device features a dual-chamber design allowing the user to perform either leukocyte rich or leukocyte poor platelet-rich plasma.

The product uses Celling Bioscience’s patented collection window and dial mechanism allowing precision control to achieve a high yield of platelets in a PRP volume that can be customized to the physician’s clinical requirements.

  • One disposable can perform two different PRP techniques
  • Refined collection window geometry and positioning

The Process

Collect - Concentrate - Deliver

  • 45 - 60 cc of autologous blood
  • Spin at 3200 RPM
  • 1 spin method for leukocyte rich PRP
  • 2 spin method for leukocyte poor PRP
  • Stacks into 2 layers
  • Inject final desired volume at the site of injury to ensure the concentrated cells are placed precisely where optimal healing can occur in the safest way possible

Have Questions?

If you are interested for more details please get in touch with Paola Jiménez, Product Manager & Global Sales at [email protected].