RegenKit® BCT

The safe & effective leukocyte-reduced A-PRP® for musculoskeletal applications

What is A-PRP® ?

Autologous platelet rich plasma is a natural therapy, prepared from your own blood.

A-PRP, obtained from whole blood, consists essentially of platelets and other blood components (plasma, vitamins, minerals...)

Platelets are responsible for clotting and healing. They contain active molecules called growth factors, which allow the natural repair of damaged tissues.

Advantages of A-PRP® :

  • Regenerative properties of platelets
  • Natural treatment
  • Autologous product
  • Simple, safe and effective technique
  • No risk of rejection or allergic reactions

Which Pathologies are best treated with A-PRP?

A-PRP accelerates the recovery process of diseases, both chronic and acute.

Tendinopathies: tennis elbow, Achilles tendon, hamstrings ...

Ligament injuries: partial rupture or partial avulsion fracture (ankle, knee ...)

Osteoarthritis: traumatic or chronic (stages I, II and III)

Other: Muscle injuries


What is RegenKit® BCT?

The RegenKit® BCT are medical devices intended for the preparation of RegenPRP.

They contain RegenBCT® tubes and accessories for blood collection and PRP recovery. RegenBCT® tubes are made of pharmaceutical grade glass with a vacuum for automated blood collection.

They contain a sodium citrate anticoagulant solution and a separating gel to separate plasma and platelets from the blood cells and produce RegenPRP® with a standardized composition.


  • User-independent standardized preparation
  • Minimum volume of blood required
  • Mechanical isolation of PRP using a biologically inert gel after a 5-minute centrifugation
  • Reversible anticoagulation with a pharmaceutical grade solution of sodium citrate at pH 7
  • Minimal learning curve and ease of use
  • Operationally and clinically efficient process
  • Facilitates and streamlines routine practice


  • Demonstrated safety and efficacy
  • Evidence-based outcomes for numerous therapeutic indications
  • Large number of clinical studies, with over 200 publications


  • RegenPRP® is standardized, leucocyte reduced and easily reproducible; Regen Lab specific separating gel technology guarantees minimal variability
  • Platelet recovery >80%
  • High platelet quality; Viable & functional platelets
  • Full plasma recovery; No loss of plasma growth factors and fibrinogen
  • Leucocyte reduced PRP; Depletion ~ 96.7% of pro-inflammatory granulocytes, leaving mainly lymphocytes and monocytes
  • Virtually no red blood cells; Depletion of ~ 99.7% of erythrocytes

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