1What is the ART PRP™?
The ART PRP™ concentration system recovers a high percentage of nucleated, progenitor and other cells by allowing selection of the cell concentrate from user-defined portions of the centrifuged stack. This miniaturized laboratory is designed as a single use sterile device that delivers a safe handling of cells.
  • Functionally closed system to minimize sterile breaks
  • Variable processing volume supports a variety of applications
  • Thumbwheel allows for selective deconstruction of fluid stack for personalized fluid products
  • Adjustable flow valve diverts fluid without additional sterile breaks
  • Efficient concentration yields ultra-low hematocrit
  • Adjustable white blood cell concentration for leukocyte-depleted product
  • Unmatched concentration of molecules, including fibrinogen, myoglobin, and cytokines of similar molecular weights4
  • Customized fluid fractions for tailored final product (e.g. BMC, fi brinogen, etc.)
  • Eliminates turbulence by keeping buffy coat in the collection zone
  • Consistently achieves high yields of mononuclear cells